Monday, September 10, 2012


Red Roses

A smile like sunshine beaming golden sparkles,
A smile as pure as honey,
A smile so genuinely full of cheer,
A smile so infectious,
A smile that triggers a sparkle right thru’  the eyes,
A smile that lights up the dullest of moments,
A smile that spreads joy n kindles happiness thru' a warm glow,
A smile that trigger a flutter deep within the heart,
A smile that naturally turns on another one to follow,
A smile that's the fountain of felicity,
A smile that makes despair and troubles seem so far away,
A smile that makes you feel hope's only a stone’s throw away,
A smile that says the whole world is yours,
A smile... real n priceless!

Wednesday, September 05, 2012


The Perfect Light

Wanna be engrossed in whispers of  woods,
 Wanna watch angel clouds hit mountain tops florishing raindrops,
 Wanna feel gentle wind  strokes n soft raindrops delicately brush away,
 Wanna watch the violent waves  kiss the shores,,
Wanna feel golden sand wriggle away delicately,
 Wanna watch dancing stars in the wilderness of night,
Wanna get lost in the isolation n peace in darkness......

 Wanna go down the memory lane,
nostalgically gathering those carefree moments of childhood,
 Wanna feel the aura of that inner self, sensitive n natural,
 Wanna hear  words that the soul speaks......
Sometimes being alone is ecstasy,
Sometimes solitude n hearing the enchanting music of silence is