Thursday, July 26, 2012


Soaring in the clouds,
boundaries unknown
vast and deep….

Caressing wind, 
melodies of musical whispers,
Watching sleet and snow
pain unknown,
Darkness sloshed amidst dusk n dawn,
Rhythmic beats,
Emotions snuggled within

Sweet solitude from radiance within,
Spreading wings,
beginning another journey,
 fearlessly flying higher than the mountains,
nothin to hold back,
nothing to lose,
A moon's glow complimenting the inner soul,
In all beauty n splendour,
sweetness n grace,
Glide along....


Tricksand said...

Beautiful, i got reminded of an early morning flight over himalayas. :-)

Tricksand said...

Got the feeling of a early morning flight above the mountains.

Seema said...

Woww..that feeling must be really awesome :)
Nice to c u here !

Tricksand said...

Hi seema, its been a long time since i visited blogs. I think the social networking monster held me captive for some time :-) . Yea i got the opportunity to fly early morning once and i was really cloudy and we were about to land in calicut. It was all green and small hills and streams, loved it.

Seema said...

:) me too..was off blogs for quite sometime..i think am getting back !

I think any part of kerala..flying over those coconut palms...the thought of belongingness to that soil...makes one feel heavenly..i guess, its more of it for all those who are away from that soil !

Tricksand said...

The feeling of about to land being away for almost a year is heaven.

I did close my account with the rubbish site.

The task of proving myself a human and not a robot is really testing my skills. I keep hitting it wrong many times before finally posting a comment :-)tats why i used the IM shortcut .

Seema said... you have just proved that thou art human and not a robot!
I can imagine that landing :)..nothing short of ecstacy!